‘Hitched’ is all about showcasing beautiful places and the people who live there. As a part of what we do, we want to use the profits of hitched to give back to the communities that we’ve travelled through.

In each trip we do, we are committed to giving away 10% of the profits that hitched makes to an organisation or individual who is committed to making positive change within their community.

In the Congo we met Serj, a local Congolese guy who has spent much of his life in the Northern Likouala region of the country. With the support of Sarah a Canadian nurse, Serj recently completed a 5 year project, building a leprosy centre for the Aka (pygmy) people in Impfondo, who naturally have a genetic deficiency in fighting the disease. Serj and Sarah, along with some local volunteers work night and day at the centre to ensure that the Aka are treated, fed and looked after. There is a huge need for the work they are doing but because of funding issues they are often short-staffed and lacking the necessary medical supplies that they need.

We would like to help wherever we can, so 10% of all hitched profits will be directed to Serj’s Centre as our partner NPO for the hitched.congo series.

Keep up with what's happening at Serj's Center.

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