About Us

This whole thing is more than just filmmaking. We're here to share stories, and within that learning and finding a better way of living.

We're passionate about travel and the way it challenges and changes you, the different ways of life you encounter along the road are the rewards of travel; and whilst it is through our experience of things - which comes with a large set of limitations - we hope that there's room for you to see past that and into different places, spaces and cultures.

The world is a big place, and often it just feels like you're walking around bumping your head, trying to figure out what is what - and perhaps, if you're foolish enough, you'll actually enjoy it? This is largely an expression of that.

In theme with knowing very little, we first stumbled across Mokele-mbembe watching a documentary at the tender age of 6 and 7 - back when we were wise. It was something we never quite lost curiosity over; the thought of the world's last dinosaur. And so, season 1, is basically the fulfillment of that childhood dream, started by a simple conversation on a balcony. We were then in our early 20's, once again discussing going and looking for ‘Mokele', as we had many times before. Only this time, my parents new tenant appeared from downstairs, having heard us talking through the floorboards. David had landed up there through a series of interesting, and somewhat unfortunate, events. He was involved in film, running a startup from his bedroom (downstairs), and he asked if we wanted to make a documentary?

Hitched is is that documentary.

The story of two ill-equipped and under-financed cousins, who set out to realise their lifelong dream of finding the legendary water-dwelling creature of the Congo River basin, Mokele-Mbembe.

We had no money just stoke, David had a bit of money and was up for the gamble. There was little chance we'd come back with much, but we committed nonetheless. In fact, much of the success of ‘coming back with something' was down to the addition of Don. Once we had decided we were going we really struggled to convince a cameraman to join. Most found the project a bit insane. Until Don. We literally chatted for about 15 minutes and he was in. I think he thought it was a joke, but at that stage it didn't even matter.

We were off with absolutely no clue of what we were doing. We'd hitchhiked before, but we'd be lying if we said we knew what was in store for us. It was an adventure beyond our wildest dreams. We travelled 10 000 kilometres, crossed 10 countries in over a 100 days, on about 500$ per person. It was epic! We hope that when you watch it you feel our enjoyment and love for Africa and her beautiful people. Whilst Africa is our home, her countries differ vastly, and so as we experienced many new cultures, customs, and ways of life, we trust you have a glimpse of that too.

We would love you to share the stories that matter to you, cool documentaries you have seen, made or want to see and with a bit of luck this place grows into a space bigger than just our foolish approach to life and endeavours.

Don't hesitate to swing us a message!

Much love,

The ‘hitched.' crew,
Luke, Jords, Dave & Don.